Make a sarmie, win dinner for two!

John Burger from Flava and waitress Laura Luyt with a sarmie to inspire readers to enter our Sarmie Challenge!

By Louise Liebenberg

THE Sarmie Challenge on The Global Table blog is in full swing and readers have exactly two weeks left in which to enter their  favourite sandwich.
By making a yummy sarmie and posting a picture of it on The Global Table Facebook page at  by no later than October 15 (we’ve moved the closing date by a week to give you  more time!), readers stand a chance to win dinner for two, worth R500,  at popular Nelson Mandela Bay restaurant Flava.
And to give you a little inspiration,  chef-owner John Burger of Flava in Bain Street, Richmond Hill   has made one of his own favourite sarmies. The recipe for John’s  “wholewheat cheesy steak stack” appears on the blog below, so scroll down for it and to find out exactly how the Sarmie Challenge works!

Further down on the blog you’ll also find a sarmie recipe from local comedian Gino Fabbri. Gino and John will join The Global Table team to decide which reader’s sarmie will win the prize.
Your sarmie can be as simple or elaborate as you want to make it, and you can even use your cellphone to photograph it if you don’t have a fancy camera.
Entrants must  post their sarmie pics on our Facebook page, but if you don’t have a Facebook account then  simply e-mail your picture to (put “Sarmie Challenge” in the subject line) and we’ll do the rest.The winner will be announced in MyWeekend  on November 5 (yes, we’ve also moved the closing date by a week so we can be sure to get lots of lovely sarmies entered!)

Wholewheat cheesy steak stack from Flava’s John Burger

John Burger, chef and co-owner of Flava restaurant in Bain Street, Richmond Hill, served up this mega-sarmie recently to get our readers going for the Sarmie Challenge. This is what makes up John’s impressive wholewheat cheesy steak stack. It’s packed with loads of interesting ingredients but you can leave out one or two of the elements if you are making this at home (you can always go and have the real deal at Flava at lunchtime!)

– Wholewheat toast spread with mustard and cream cheese mix

– Cos lettuce

– Rosa tomatoes

– Red onion

– Camembert cheese

– Wild rocket

– Fillet steak flambed in a molasses soy sauce

– A drizzle of sweet honey pesto (John has a special way of making this but you could just use a little bit of pesto and then just mix a bit of honey into it)

– Roquefort and bacon sauce (John uses a secret recipe but you can cheat by crumbling over bits of Roquefort and crispy bacon)

– Parmesan cheese

– Guacamole

– Beetroot chutney (Karoo Moon makes something similar which you can buy bottled)

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