NMMU Second-year photography students’ food shots

THE second-year photography students at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) did an assignment in which they had to photograph Port Elizabeth chefs, restaurant interiors and signature dishes.  The brief was to produce high-quality images for a high-end food publication like TASTE or Food & Home. Below, in no specific order, are their photographs.

The restaurants and venues that participated in the project are:

Old Austria, Fushin, CTFM, Flava, Wicker Woods, Radisson Blu Hotel, Capsicum, Mangolds, Ginger, Singa Lodge, Narai Siam Thai Kitchen, News Cafe, Dessie’s, Deli on Main, Shamwari Townhouse, Squires and San Francisco’s.

Photographers: 1 Astrid Bradley, 2 Carmen Stevens, 3 Astrid Bradley

Photographers: 4 Jessica Pote, 5 Kaitlyn de Villiers, 6 Dirk Moggee

Photographers: 7 Tamaryn Wyatt, 8 Thomas Bekker

Photographers: 9 Kim Zwiegelaar, 10 Nik Regnart, 11 Sarah Dickin

Photographers: 12 Justin Roberts, 13 Sarah Keogh, 14 Tamaryn Wyatt, 15 Nik Regnart

Photographers: 16 Kaitlyn de Villiers, 17 Ntsika Scott, 18 Ntsika Scott

Photographers: 19 Sarah Keogh, 20 Justin Roberts, 21 Kim Zwiegelaar, 22 Pauli Olivier

Photographers: 23 Dirk Moggee, 24 Sarah Moorcroft

Photographers: 25 Sarah Dickin, 26 Kaitlyn de Villiers, 27 Carmen Stevens

Photographers: 28 Neill Botha, 29 Pauli Olivier

Photographers: 30 Tamara Heron, 31 Jessica Pote, 32 Tamara Heron, 33 Jessica Pote

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