World Cup Cook-off – Share your recipes!


Salvelio and Louise all set for the World Cup Cook-off!

We’re just three months away from kick-off in South Africa for the 2010 Fifa World Cup – but here at The Global Table we’re a little more interested in a cook-off at this stage than a kick-off!

Including South Africa, there are 32 nations that will be here for kick-off come June 11 – and The Global Table wants to feature  a recipe from two countries every single week, in the build-up to the Cup! That means that we’ll run simple, do-able and delicious recipes with an international flavour  right until the last match – and we need your help to do it!

If you are from any of the countries below, or have lived or visited there in the past, then we want you to contact us and share just one recipe! It must be easy to do, but be representative of the country in question – and of course the ingredients must be locally obtainable (if not, reasonable substitutes must be available here). We’ll also want to photograph you with this dish, so get ready for your blogging debut!

If we receive several recipe offers for one country, Salvelio and I will choose the one we think is most suitable for the purposes of the blog.

We already have candidates for the countries in red, so if you are from any of the other countries, or have a personal association with those countries, then we want to hear from you! Even if you are not actually based in here in South Africa, but are living in one of the countries below, or have a friend or relative living there who would be keen to participate via email, we still want to hear from you!

We suspect it might be a bit of a challenge to find people from countries like Slovakia or Honduras here in the Eastern Cape, but we are confident you’ll help us rise to the challenge! Just add a comment to this post if you are keen to participate, or else email Salvelio at

1. South Africa

2. Australia

3. Serbia

4. Ghana

5. Netherlands

6. Denmark

7. Japan

8. Cameroon

9. Italy

10. Paraguay

11. New Zealand

12. Slovakia

13. Portugal

14. Ivory Coast

15. Brazil

16. Korea DPR

17. Honduras

18. Chile

19. Spain

20. Switzerland

21. England

22. USA

23. Algeria

24. Slovenia

25. Uruguay

26. Mexico

27. France

28. Korea Republic

29. Argentina

30. Nigeria

31. Greece

32. Germany

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