Picture: Salvelio Meyer

Picture: Salvelio Meyer

Affogato is one of those exquisitely simple, classic little desserts and, seeing it only contains two ingredients – vanilla ice-cream and espresso – you owe it to yourself and to the spirit of Italian cooking not to use rubbish ice-cream or, horror of horrors, instant coffee in it! By ‘rubbish ice-cream’ I mean anything labelled ‘frozen dessert’, which really isn’t ice-cream at all as it’s been made with cost-cutting, artery-clogging vegetable fats. Look for real dairy ice-cream at Woolworths (expect to pay about R40 for two litres) or else stop over at the Bushy Park Dairy outlets, where it’ll be significantly cheaper but every bit as good. Louise often also makes her own vanilla ice-cream for affogato, using her mother’s recipe – see the recipe for pistachio ice-cream elsewhere on the blog and omit the pistachios. The contrast between the deep-brown espresso and the sensuous, creamy-white ice-cream is best shown off in a small, heat-proof serving glass.


Good-quality vanilla ice-cream, two to three scoops per person; a shot of hot, freshly made espresso (about 30m) per person.


Fill each heat-proof glass with ice-cream; top with hot espresso and serve immediately. An amaretti biscuit for each rounds this dessert off beautifully.

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One Response to Affogato

  1. Yolandé says:

    I tried this dessert the other day…how simple and delicious. It proved to be a hit with my guests as well.

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