Quick rice pudding

Picture: Salvelio Meyer   

Picture: Salvelio Meyer

Salvelio has always been a rice pudding fan and the recipe he has devised is very Mediterranean, but with one big difference – it takes a fraction of the time to make. With traditional rice pudding you’ve got to wait for the rice to cook in the milk, which is really time consuming. Salvelio’s version is not only quick, but a great way to use up left-over cooked short-grained arborio or sushi rice.  

Serves 4


About 3 cups cooked short-grained arborio or sushi rice; about 3 cups milk; two broadish strips of peel cut from 1 medium-sized lemon; 1 cinnamon stick; 3 tbsp white sugar. For serving: powdered cinnamon;extra lemon peel.  


Place all the ingredients in a medium-sized pot, mix gently and bring to the boil. Keep it gently boiling for about five to six minutes, uncovered, stirring regularly so it doesn’t burn. If you want a runnier consistency, add a bit more milk at the beginning. Remove the lemon peel and cinnamon stick. This rice pudding can be served hot or cold – simply dust each portion with a bit of powdered cinnamon and a piece of lemon peel.

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