Cafe Bombon


Picture: Glenn Meyer

Picture: Glenn Meyer

Salvelio’s best friend in Spain, Julio-Carlos Perez Sanchez, taught me how to make Cafe Bombon. It’s a clever way to combine coffee with something sweet if you have guests over and don’t fancy whipping up dessert after the meal. It’s ultra-easy but looks impressive ­ but you have to serve it in heat-proof, clear coffee glasses like they use in Spain, to show off the lovely contrast in colour. Guests do the stirring themselves so don’t forget to provide dainty coffee spoons on the side. Make sure, however, that you get the ratio of espresso to condensed milk just right so the final result isn’t excessively sweet – I would aim for no more than a few teaspoons of condensed milk per glass. Also, you must use proper coffee – anything instant will ruin this exquisitely simple beverage. I haven’t provided quantities as it’s really up to you how many people you want to serve this to.


A pot of freshly-brewed espresso; a tin of condensed milk.


While your espresso is brewing, pour some boiling water into your glasses to heat them up. Once the coffee is ready, toss out the water; then carefully pour condensed milk into the bottom of each glass (about a quarter of the cup full, or even less). Very carefully, top the condensed milk with the hot espresso, taking care not to mix the two – I find this easier to do over the back of a teaspoon. Serve immediately.

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3 Responses to Cafe Bombon

  1. Julio says:

    Hey, hey, hey The coffee has never been so sweet like in this mixture !!!

  2. Marian Lucouw says:

    I am sure either whisky or brandy added to the coffee could just enhance the flavour!!

  3. globaltable says:

    Hi Marian. Have never tried it with alcohol; not sure if that would affect the way the coffee ‘floats’ beautifully on top of the condensed milk, but why don’t you try it and let us know!

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